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About Us

Ontime Consultants is a professional recruitment agency committed to building the right teams for your organizations with skilled and highly qualified resources. Every day we are achieving a new goal by the dedication, hard work and loyalty of our team. We have received the full support of various Multinational and Local Companies and other reputed Organizations of different countries to achieve our target. Building teams with the right people for the organisation is a highly challenging task which uses a lot of resources.

We have been successful in providing our services to well reputed and established companies. We provide Pan India hiring and assist clients at every step of recruitment.

Our clientele includes BrainMobi, Lean Apps, SMC Group, The Fairytale’s, Fourtek, Medzsoft, India Market Softech Ltd. and many more.

Many companies find it difficult to find the right match for filling challenging positions which involve niche skills and roles. We feed on such challenges, we live for them. Our passion for solving challenges in recruitment is what led to the formation of Ontime Consultants. Our recruitment solutions are tailored to help our clients find the right candidates even for niche level and executive positions. Timely delivery of the right person for your requirement helps in minimizing disruption in your business, and our team of experts works seamlessly to provide you the same. We use selection methodologies which have been proven to work for the industry.