Why you need a Help of a Recruiting and Staffing Agency? |

Why you need a Help of a Recruiting and Staffing Agency?

Why you need a Help of a Recruiting and Staffing Agency

Organizations these days are investing a huge amount of money in staffing and recruiting activities. They are spending a lot of money into employee retention strategies, retention bonuses, internal transfers, employee training and development to outmaneuver their competitors. Thus it becomes increasingly important for companies to be able to recruit high-calibre professionals for full-filling the vacancies. However, most of the companies are not yet fully accustomed with the realities of the current market.

We at Ontime understands that hiring a new employee is time consuming and expensive. Creating a job post, posting it on different social media vehicles, job portals, connecting with various prospects, maintaining their database which in-turn increases your costs if you make a bad hiring. No matter what you do, what services you offer, who your clients are, which staffing agency you’re engaged with – what you need is talented and dedicated resources to help achieve your goals. Your recruitment needs demand a specialist approach. And if you choose a firm that specializes in the field you are looking to fill out your vacancies, then recruitment agencies can also help you identify the best fit talent for roles across various domains in shortest possible time. Recruitment and Staffing agencies function as an extension to your HR department and play a vital role in helping companies find the right talent. Thus helps you in saving your time and money.

It has been also seen that small companies often lack with proper human resource department. Whereas most of them do not have an HR professional as well to handle their internal recruitment needs. They are always dependent on referrals or believe that they alone can handle everything, which can be tragic for a small company if it lead to bad hiring. Recruitment and Staffing agencies also help big companies to cater their ever growing hiring needs. With the help of broad network, large connections with candidates and ability to find the best resource in shortest period of time are some of the advantages that helps large scale organizations to save their time and money.

Most of the companies are already competing in the market and many new are emerging with their lowest pricing model, presenting the same candidates to different clients, unable to give the replacement, not screening the candidates properly and delay in recruitment processes. To address this, I suggest using the following factors while taking the help of any Recruiting and Staffing Agency.

Tips to consider while Choosing a Recruiting and Staffing Agency

  1. About the company
  2. Services they offer
  3. Companies they have worked with
  4. Recruitments they made so far
  5. Their recruitment process
  6. Look for their insider expertise
  7. Establish a good follow-up
  8. Comply with rules and regulations
  9. Take action if thing go wrong
  10. Faster at fulfilling the vacancies

Using a high-quality external recruiting and staffing firm is the agenda of every company’s talent recruitment program. Most of the companies find it difficult to find the right match for top level positions that require certified professionals with sheer dedication, and great toastmaster skills. At Ontime, we are committed to building the right teams for your organization with skilled and highly qualified resources. We have been successful in providing our services to well reputed and established companies. We provide Pan India hiring and assist clients at every step of the recruitment. Our clientele includes BrainMobi, Lean Apps, SMC Group, The Fairytale’s, Knight Frank, Times Group and many more. We can assist you with hiring large teams to fulfil niche positions. Work with us, achieve your goals and save your time and money in the process.

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